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About Judy and A Teacher Called Play

As a parent, you will learn more about play by watching your children and you will learn more about your children by watching them play.

Judy was a teacher in the NSW Education Department when she was appointed a consultant to assist with the implementation of a new English Curriculum, and a K-6 Science Investigating Curriculum which emphasised first-hand experiences, inquiry and problem-solving. It was this hands-on involvement in learning that Judy found so appealing.


When she and her husband Geoff had three children, Stuart, Anne and Ashley, she was fascinated with their play. 


They played happily with their neighbourhood friends, and Judy noticed how they adjusted their games to suit which friends were playing and the spaces where their games were. They invented new games and new ways of using common objects. As they grew older, they seemed to spend more time negotiating the rules than playing the game. In this time, she wrote Creative Play, which sold widely throughout Australia and was translated into several languages.


When she returned to the classroom, Judy encouraged more interaction, better engagement and different ways of solving problems. Lessons extended naturally into the outdoor environment.


In their retirement, Judy and Geoff found themselves raising Sapphire, their 5-year-old granddaughter. By then, most of the neighbourhood children had grown up and moved on, so Judy was necessarily, but happily, involved in activities with Sapphire. Judy wrote Grand Love to raise awareness of the challenges facing grandparents when their grandchildren came to live with them.


However, Judy, now 85 has great joy in watching the play of her two youngest granddaughters, Sophia, aged eleven and Summer, aged five, whenever they meet, their play is as enchanting and creative as ever.


Four generations of play contribute to A Teacher Called Play - Judy’s, her children’s, Sapphire’s, and now the play of Sophia and Summer. 


Join in the fun!

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